Is it possible to recover MapInfo transaction files (*.TMA, *.TIN, *.TDA)?

Product Affected : MapInfo Pro
Product Feature: Workspaces
The transaction files (*.TIN, *.TDA, *.TMA) are temporarily created whenever someone edits the MapInfo tables. 
These files contain information about the edits.

When the user decides to save his table, the edits are made in the original files (*.IND, *.DAT, *.MAP).
If the user decides to revert the table, the transaction files are deleted and no changes are made in the original files.

Since these transaction files seems in some way bound to the session that created them, so they cannot be recovered in a new MapInfo Pro session.

To avoid this happening in future, upgrading Mapinfo Pro to latest versions is recommended.
If the users are on MapInfo Pro 64-bit versions, they can tick the Auto save option in Workspace Preferences which is available under Pro (Backstage) > Options.
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UPDATED:  August 15, 2017