How to create a seamless table in MapInfo Pro

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro
Seamless Manager is available in all versions of MapInfo Pro™ and works the same way.
For the 64-bit versions, the User Interface (UI) has changed to match the rest of the UI controls. This can be found under Home tab > Tools Extensions > Registered > Double click on Seamless Manager.
Now double click on Seamless Manager again under the running tab.

User-added image        User-added image

Steps to use Seamless Manager
  1. Have all your imagery data open and load Seamless Manager tool
  2. Click on New Seamless Table option and name it (This will be your final seamless imagery file) – You will get confirmation message similar to this:User-added image

Now your Seamless Table is created.
In case you want to add new imagery data into an existing Seamless Table, follow the below steps:
  1. Open the imagery data to be added
  2.  Click on option “Append to Seamless Table” and browse to your existing Seamless Table.
Go through help topic “Working with Seamless Layers” for more detailed information regarding Seamless Manager.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019