How to tell what triggers the buttons to be shown in the MapInfo Pro Catalog Browser

Product Feature: Web Services/EOLS

Searching Catalogs in MapInfo Professional results in data sets, which show up to 5 different buttons. See image below with 3 different buttons:

User-added image 

Question: What triggers which button to appear?

These buttons are created as per the capabilities of the Catalog Server. 

As per ISO 19139 specification,these refers to the various distribution options as is present in the xml for the record. In the XML for the record, look for xml tag - gmd:CI_OnlineResource. So if a record has this tag, then we try to map it to whether that action can be supported in MIPro. Each of these contain a tag - gmd:URL, which is a string and represents the corresponding action. We try to figure out whether any of these options can be supported by MapInfo Pro. Say for example, the URL can point to a valid WMS/WFS or Tile Server. If there are multiple such options then you will see a context menu, when you press on the button. On the contrary, if there is only 1 valid and that is an action which MIPro supports, for example, opening a WMS layer, then we change the icon to represent that this is supported and is a WMS layer open. 

Question: Is there a list of capability nodes which triggers showing which item? 

There is nothing specific here, but we do try to figure out whether the url points to an action, which we can handle. Some of these might be like pointing to a WFS, WMS or Tile Server. 
UPDATED:  September 11, 2017