Using the Daily Delete File for VeriMove on z/OS

Products Affected: Verimove
Operating System: z/OS

To use the Daily Delete File running VeriMove on the z/OS Mainframe, you must define the Daily Delete File in the JCL being used to run VeriMove.  See below example:
//********* USPS DATA FILES
//DLYDEL    DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=yourhlq.yourUspsData.VSAM.DLYDEL

You must also ensure that the job definition has Daily Delete set to Yes.  See below example:
Once the Daily Delete File has been defined, it can be tested by running the sample job MU that is located in the INSTALIB.  The 'NCOALink Return Code Statistics' portion of the Processing Summary Report should show at least 1 return code of 66, which indicates that a COA is pending deletion from the database.

UPDATED:  September 3, 2019