Concatenate numerical raster cell values into one string in MRR format in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Products affected: MapInfo Pro Advanced™
It is not possible to concatenate numerical values from 3 different raster cell (from 3 different geotiff files) values into one string in MRR format using MapInfo Pro Advance Raster functionality such as the Calculator.

Raster 1 Cell value (coordinate 0,0) = 0.5
Raster 2 Cell value (coordinate 0,0) = 0.7
Raster 3 Cell value (coordinate 0,0) = 0.2

New Raster Cell value (coordinate 0,0) = "0.5,0.7,0.2"

Unfortunately, the Calculator only supports numerical operations. There are no string operators such as concatenate and string output is not supported (except with classified rasters, but there the calculator is actually still dealing with a number - the class index - the strings are just the values in the class table referred to by the class indices).

Users may want to look at the "Combine" tool in Raster (this functionality is available in the MapInfo 16 release and later). The Combine tool allows for multiple input rasters to be combined to create a single output raster with each input raster assigned to one output band. Then, using the Cell Value tool, click on a cell in the output to see the values for each of the bands.

Another option may be to choose to Export the combined raster to a text file in which case, the bands of each of the input bands will be visible side by side on each line of the output text file.
UPDATED:  December 10, 2019