Displaying coordinate columns for a mappable DBMS table in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
By default, when opening a mappable DBMS table in MapInfo Pro, the coordinate columns are not displayed.

1) To see these coordinate columns, at the Open DBMS Table Options dialog, select the table and then "Options":

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2. Now select "standard Mode" and then "column picker"
In the Column Picker dialog, move any (or all) of the columns in the "Available" list to the "Selected" list, (including the primary key
and the OBJECT column). Click OK:
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3. Select Expert Mode and click SQL View.

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If the desired coordinate columns do not display in the SQL query,  manually enter the names of the coordinate columns (MI_SQL_X and MI_SQL_Y in this example) separated by commas and surrounded by double quotes ( " ) (for this example using SQL Server 2014).
Note: Other databases like the Access .mdb database, etc. may use single quotes (`).

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Here is the entire query, including the additional "MI_SQL_X" and "MI_SQL_Y" columns added to the query:

Select "Capital","State","FIPS_Code","Pop_1990","Num_HU_90","MI_STYLE","MI_SQL_REC_NUM","OBJECT","MI_SQL_X","MI_SQL_Y"
From "QADB"."dbo"."USA_CAPS_ts"

The Pro tool "MapInfo EasyLoader" can be used to upload tables to a database - one can connect to the database and then display the contents of any registered tables.

When using EasyLoader, it is important to select the correct "Spatial Object Type" - for an upload of points, this would be "X, Y":

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EasyLoader can display the Map_Catalog  and the columns used to create the point objects - in this example, the internally stored coordinate columns are displayed under the "XCOLUMNNAME" and "YCOLUMNNAME" fields as "MI_SQL_X" and "MI_SQL_Y".
Therefore these 2 fields would need to be added manually to the SQL query.

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Note: if the XCOLUMNNAME and YCOLUMNNAME display as "No_Column", that typically means the incorrect Spatial Object type was selected in Easy Loader when uploading the table - for point tables, this should be "X, Y", which is NOT the default Spatial Object type for this dialog..
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Click OK through the dialogs to see the desired coordinate columns.

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UPDATED:  December 3, 2019