How to integrate Aura with EngageOne Delivery Audit

Aura can be integrated with EngageOne Delivery Audit to receive the following types of data records:
  • ACS (Nixie/COA Records Ingestion in Aura)
  • Nixie Records Ingestion in Aura
  • CASS (CASS Records Ingestion in Aura)
Following are the steps to integrate EngageOne Delivery Audit with Aura:
1. Using a web browser, log in to Aura using a user ID with administrative rights.
2. Click the Admin tab.
3. Click EngageOne Delivery Audit Credentials setting.
4. On the EngageOne Delivery Audit Configuration Settings screen, fill in the following fields with the appropriate credentials and information.
• Database Instance
• Database Host
• Database Port
• Database Name
• Database User
• Database Password
5. Click OK.
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UPDATED:  September 1, 2017