US Postal, Suitelink, DPV and LACS database expiration schedule for CODE-1 Plus, Finalist and Verimove

Below are the US Postal/Finalist/Verimove database expiration dates.  These dates also apply to the LACSLink database, Suitelink database and DPV databases.

USPS Databases expire 60 days after the 15th of the month of issue. Following an additional 45-day grace period, the data in the expired database is disabled on midnight of the dates given below.

Month Issued                             Date Disabled

January                                      April 30

February                                     May 31

March                                          June 30

April                                             July 31

May                                              August 31

June                                            September 30

July                                              October 31

August                                         November 30

September                                 December 31

October                                      January 31

November                                  February 28/29

December                                  March 31

UPDATED:  June 4, 2019