How to get the serial numbers to be sequential from job run to job run in Mail360 Manager

Product Affected:  MAIL360 Manager™ 
A Batch job does not use the g1imb.cfg file.

Instead, when running a batch job, you need to use parameters. You need to adjust the RANGE parameter.
RANGE                      000000001 000000001

Put the values starting in position 28 and 38.

The default is 10,000 numbers in a block.  The above will only take 1 number at a time.

But there is a trade off in slower speed if it has to grab smaller groups of numbers more often. And as the User guide says-

Numbering Tips:

• If you choose to work with ranges, you also have the ability to set minimum and maximum range sizes for allocation.

• Smaller values decrease the likelihood of reaching the end of the partition or number pool during processing.

• Larger values prevent fragmenting of the available number pool.

(The g1imb.cfg  is used when you are using an API to make a call to Mail360 Manager and not running a batch job.)
UPDATED:  September 18, 2019