Common causes for 11894 Vault error

From Vault v. 7  Vault Message References PDF
ERROR 11894
invalid header detected in compressed file, reason [], filename []

What happened: Vault was attempting to open a compressed file when it detected an invalid
file header.
Compressed files have a header at the start of the file that contains information about the job
such as the profile and resource set. When loading a compressed file, Vault checks that the
header is correctly formed. In this case, one or more of the checks have failed.

List of Messages
What to do: The compressed file may be damaged or corrupt. Check the loader logs to see if
there were any errors during the load process.
If the file has been moved or copied to another location, ensure that it has not been changed.
Transferring a compressed file using FTP without turning on binary transfer mode may cause
this error.
The reason code that displays is a bit mask that indicates which tests failed:
0x0001 - invalid signature
0x0002 - invalid profile name (blank)
0x0004 - invalid resource set name (blank)
0x0008 - invalid full size field (<1)
0x0010 - invalid compressed size field (<1)
0x0020 - invalid page count field (<0)
0x0040 - invalid block size field (<1)
0x0080 - invalid delta bit size field (>max)
0x0100 - invalid delta bit size field (<min)
If the problem persists, note the information in the log message and contact Customer
Support. Please have a copy of the log file where the message occurred available for the
support team.
UPDATED:  March 26, 2020