How to use the "CheckRecordLength" utility in Verimove to determine if all records in an input file have the same length

Products Affected:  Verimove
Verimove has a utility called "CheckRecordLength.exe".  This is a diagnostic utility that can help determine if all records in a file have the same length. Verimove requires all records to be the same length. The CheckRecordLength.exe utility accepts a maximum record length of 4096. This utility reports the length of the first record and all subsequent records with different lengths. The number of characters to the first CRLF are used as the guideline for testing the remaining lines. Any records that differ from the guideline value will be reported (line number and length encountered). The file to be processed (File Name), must contain records partitioned by CRLF. The command line syntax of this utility is shown next:

CheckRecordLength.exe <File Name>
  • Go to a DOS Prompt
  • Change directory to Verimove/Utilities directory
  • Ensure you have copied the Input File to the Utilities folder
  • Type: CheckRecordLength.exe <File Name.txt>

As an example:
C:\PB\VeriMove\Utilities>CheckRecordLength SampleData.txt

Length of first line is 625
Line 1 length is 625
Line count is 900
Max line length is 625
Min line length is 625
Input file line lengths are consistent. The file appears to be valid.

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017