USPS ANKLink data that can be used in Verimove processing

Products Affected:  Verimove
The USPS has enhanced the existing 18-month NCOALink product with a ANKLink™ feature.  Currently, the existing 18-month NCOALink product provides change of address information for moves occurring in the last 18 months.

ANKLink makes it possible for NCOALink Limited Service Provider and End User Mailer licensees to optionally acquire an additional 30 months of change of address information. ANKLink data does not return a new address but informs mailers that customer moves have occurred in the 19-48 month range and provides a move effective date.  The USPS packages ANKLink as an enhancement to the NCOALink product. The USPS covers the development, distribution, and use of ANKLink under the existing NCOALink license.  Given this data is not provided by Pitney Bowes, but directly from the USPS, if you have further questions please call the Move Update Support Department at 1-800-589-5766 or send an email to: .

Additional information can be found on the USPS ribbs site:
UPDATED:  April 29, 2020