Best Practices before installing MapInfo Manager on a Network

product affected: MapInfo Manager™
Best Practices before installing MapInfo Manager:
  1. It is highly recommended to have a JDK previously installed.It is recommend to install jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe which you can get at:
  2. Set a JAVA_HOME variable in your PATH. Java_Home should point to the bin directory of where the JDK was installed.
  3. An administrator needs to install the product or run the installer by right clicking on Setup, and select Run as Administrator…
  4. Make sure the client installer has a network as opposed to a workgroup.
  5. Make sure the client is installing the software on a Windows platform.
  6. Make sure the client has firewall traffic enabled in the port which was selected during installation. For example if installing Mapinfo Manager in port 7070. Make sure the firewall lets traffic thru port 7070
  7. Make sure the following service shut-down ports for Tomcat must remain open:
  • MapInfo Manager Application: 7006
  • Repository Service 8006
  • CSW Service: 9006
  • WMS Service 9007
UPDATED:  October 24, 2019