Tips on Printing a Georegister Map to PDF in MapInfo Professional and Encom Discover

Products affected: MapInfo Pro, Encom Discover.
There may be some occasions when printing a GeoRegistered map to a PDF that the coordinates are incorrect (units could be in the hundreds rather than in thousands) in the printed PDF. To resolve this issue please follow these steps:
  1. Print to PDF directly from a map window and a not layout window.
  2. The raster must be in the same projection as the desired projection.
  3. The raster must be set to: Map > Options > Image Processing > Optimized.
  4. The raster must not be corrupted. This can be checked by attempting to make a world file: Discover > Images Menu >Convert Image. If the raster is corrupted the use Images > Rectify Image in Discover to repair it. Close or delete the corrupted image before printing to PDF.
  5. Make sure that there are no other open tables or raster files before printing to PDF.
UPDATED:  October 18, 2018