Extracting node coordinates from a polyline or polygon in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected:  MapInfo Pro™
Product Feature:  MapInfo Pro™ Third party Tools
How to extract node coordinates from a polyline or polygon

Below are the steps for extracting coordinates from nodes within a polyline or polygon using MapInfo Professional and a third-party MapBasic 'All2Pts.mbx'
(Users with Discover can use Discover > Object Editing > Extract Nodes instead)
  1. Users will first need to download the MBX from this Google Groups webpage and Save the attached third-party MBX tool called 'All2Pts.mbx' somewhere on the computer.
  2. Load the tool in MapInfo Professional via Tools > Tool Manager > Add tool... > check 'loaded' and 'autoload'
  3. Open the polyline table (if the table is a polygon table, the user can save a copy of it and convert it to polylines via Objects > Convert to polylines)
  4. Go to Tools > choose Convert all to points tool > convert all to points > select the table and click on Start
User-added image

      5.  This will create a new temporary table of points based on the location of the nodes in the original polyline table.
User-added image

      6.   The user can then use 'Coordinate Extractor' tool under the Tools menu to extract the coordinates of the points into the table and Export the file to Mid/Mif. When you Import the Mid/Mif into MapInfo Pro, users can Create points on the Nodes. 

*NOTE - as this tool is a third-party tool, it is not officially supported and Technical Support will not be responsible in case of any issues or conflicts with MapInfo Professional which this tool may incur.

UPDATED:  May 23, 2019