US Census TIGER Street Files and geocoding in MapInfo Professional

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Geocoding a street address to the House Number in MapInfo Pro requires special address range fields.
Which file should user's download from the US Census Site to facilitate Geocoding to the House number?

From the US Census:

For geocoding, you will want to use our Address Range Feature Shapefile, rather than the roads shapefile.  The Address Range Feature Shapefile contains address ranges, street names, and ZIP information.  You can find these shapefiles at this link under the 2014 tab.  If you download using the web interface, choose Relationship Files and then choose your state under Address Range-Feature Shapefile.  If you download via the FTP site, look for the files names that contain tl_2014_<state-countyFIPS>_addrfeat.shp.

For details on setting up the table for geocoding in Professional, see the attached document:

Geocoding in MapInfo Pro using TIGER Data


UPDATED:  December 3, 2019