What are Sites in Confirm?

The Site Register contains the Site Form, and all the Lookup tables and utilities connected with Sites.

Note: The Site may be called 'Street' or 'Building' depending on which asset version of Confirm you are using. Simply substitute Street or Building for the word Site in the text that follows. See Manual Overview for a full list of related table names.

Site information can be considered as having two levels of information: the Central Site Register (containing all the Sites in the Database), and Site Register (containing Maintenance Sites}. 

Where the database is segmented, the Central Site Register will store General Site Lookup information about all the Sites, across all segments. Only Sites specific to the particular segment, which have had Operational Site Lookup information (Customer, Contract Area, Cost Code, and Classification) added, will be available in the Site Register form.
UPDATED:  April 28, 2017