Running a test print pattern on the DM300-DM475

Products affected:
DM300c™ / DM400c™ / DM475c™ (G920, G925)
DM300M™ / DM400M™ / DM475M™ (G922)
A test pattern allows you to see if the print head is functioning properly and can be used when print quality is poor.

Watch this video to learn how to purge ink and print a test pattern.

Follow these steps to print a test pattern:
  1. Press Menu
  2. Press the down arrow
  3. Select "Maintenance"
  4. Select "Printer Maintenance"
  5. Select "Print Test Pattern"
  6. When prompted, insert an envelope
  7. When "Is test pattern is OK?" is displayed, select one of the following options:
User-added image
  • If the test print looks good, select "Yes".
  • If the test print looks poor, select "No, clean nozzle". The system executes a purge.
  1. When the Cleaning Complete screen displays (this may take a few moments), select "Done" to return to the Printer Maintenance menu.

For more information about cleaning the print nozzles, see article "How to clean the printer nozzle on the DM300, DM400 and DM475".

For more steps on how to troubleshoot poor print issues, see article "Resolve poor print quality on the DM300, DM400 and DM475".
UPDATED:  22 July 2019