How to select an accounting package on the DM500, DM525 and more

Products affected: DM500™, DM525™, DM550™, DM575™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM825™, DM875™, DM900™, DM925™, DM1000™, DM1100™
If Accounting is enabled, whenever mail is run, an account must be selected.

To select an accounting type or disable the accounting feature:
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Select Set Up.
  3. Select Accounting Setup.
  4. If prompted for the supervisor password, enter it and press Enter.
  5. Select Accounting. You may need to press the down arrow if you already have an account feature active.
  6. On the Select Accounting Type screen, select the desired option. To disable the accounting feature, select Off. Options may include:
  • Standard
  • Inview
  • Business Manager
  • Budget Manager
  • Off
Note: Not all meters have all options.
  1. Press the left arrow to return to the Home screen.
UPDATED:  November 22, 2016