MapInfo Pro and Querying for a range of values in a date field

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
A column of data type “Date” must be treated as a Character field when querying for specific values.  Therefore, quotes, “ “ must be used around the date values being searched.
Along with the quotes, the proper separator must be used based on the Windows Operating system settings for Short Date. 
Example:  Go to Control Panel>Regions and Languages>Formats>Short Date -  The common separator is usually a forward slash, “/”. 
Example for Jan. 10, 2015 in the USA: “01/10/2015”
For 32-bit MiPro, go to Query>Sql Select
For 64-bit MiPro, go to Table>Sql Select

Use the following syntax example:
Select columns: *
From Tables:  TableName
Where Condition:  DateField > "3/11/2015" and DateField < "7/11/2015"
UPDATED:  July 23, 2019