How to open Oracle tables in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
First you have to ensure that Oracle is installed on the same machine as MapInfo Professional or you have the Oracle Client installed. If it is not then you will need to seek assistance from your Oracle Database Administrator.

Once you have a working connection to Oracle you will need to follow the steps below

For 32-bit versions of MapInfo Professional:
  1. Go to File > Open DBMS Connection
  2. Select Oracle Spatial from the drop down list and click New
  3. Enter the Username, Password and Server Name then click OK
  4. The connection will now be active but nothing will appear in MapInfo Pro apart from the Open and Disconnect DBMS buttons in the toolbar
  5. To open a table go to File > Open > CHange file of type to the name of the Oracle connection, this usually appears at the end of the list
  6. Select the schema, table, location and whether you want to use a Linked or Live DBMS table
  7. Click OK
UPDATED:  November 3, 2017