Translating a .tab into a .shp file in MapInfo Pro using the Universal Translator

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

Open the Universal Translator by going to Tools > Universal Translator> select Universal Translator.
Select File > Translate, under the reader section and for format,  choose the "MapInfo Tab" format.
Select the .tab file to be translated by clicking on the button with the ellipsis (3 dots). next to "dataset" in the "Reader" section
Under the "Writer" section, for format choose "ERSI shape" and select a folder where you would like the new shape file to be written by clicking on the button with the ellipsis (3 dots) next to "dataset".
NOTE: If the desired translation format for reader or writer is not displayed, click the drop-down in the format section and choose "more formats".
Note: Some formats are only available with a fully licensed version of the FME translator.

Then click on "OK" to start the translation.
If an error occurs, a log (mutlog.txt) will be written and should be forwarded to Tech Support to assist in troubleshooting the failed translation.
UPDATED:  October 29, 2018