Checking if the license is current on UNIX or Linux using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions
Operating System: UNIX or Linux
 How can a person identify if the MailStream Plus™ license on UNIX/Linux is going to expire or not?
The best way to check your MailStream Plus license is to run the License Management report.
To run a License Management report, do the following steps:
1 In the data directory, specify the product for which you are running the License Management report:
  •  Type: vi lmreport.prm
  •  Check the product code value in the REPORT parameter record and change
Here are the product codes: 
  • MailStream Plus        MU
  • Palletization Plus     PP
  • Manifest Reporting     MRP
 Save the lmreport.prm file.

2 Change directory (cd) to the $PBxxx/bin subdirectory.
  • ...where xxx is your product code. For MailStream Plus use 'msn'
3 Source the setup file (. ./setup)
4 Run the runlmrpt script (./runlmrpt)
  • The output report, lmreport.rpt, will be located in the $G1msn/data subdirectory.
  • This is a standard ASCII file and can be edited with vi or similar editors.

Here is the information you will be looking for:

   Product: MU
   Today's Date: 3/16/2019
   Original License Date: 12/31/1995
   License Expiration Date: Perpetual                                        << here there will be a date if the license will actually be expiring
   Maximum Number of Transactions: unlimited
   To be used between: 12/31/1914 through 12/31/2019
   Date of Last Run:
UPDATED:  August 20, 2019