Is it required to download and install the USPS Daily Delete file for Verimove processing?

It is required for Verimove customers (NCOA Licensees) to install and use the USPS Daily Delete file.  According to the Verimove User's Guide:

The Daily Delete file contains addresses that are pending deletion or adjustment from NCOALink. When an address from the input file is found in the Daily Delete file, the output file will not be updated with the forwarding address currently in NCOALink and the output record's NCOA Forwarding Footnote field will contain a value of 66 (if the NCOA Forwarding Footnote field is defined in the output definition).

NOTE:  USPS regulations require all NCOALink licensees to use the Daily Delete File. Licensees must download and install this file daily.
UPDATED:  April 10, 2017