How to reshape a polygon in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
To reshape a polygon in MapInfo Pro 64-bit, the layer in question must be editable and the object needs to be selected.

Under the SPATIAL tab, click on the Nodes drop-down arrow and select "Reshape". 
If users need to add an additional node, they will need to select the "Reshape" button first and then the "Add Node" option should appear.

User-added image

After clicking on "Reshape", the "Add Node" option is available:
User-added image

We suggest clicking on the letter "S" to turn on "Snap" mode when editing nodes like this, as it forces the cursor to change size when near a node.
User-added image

Now drag nodes as desired to reshape the polygon and then Save the edit when done.
User-added image

Click on "S" on your keyboard to turn off Snap Mode.

UPDATED:  November 3, 2017