How to adjust guide bars on high capacity sheet feeder on the DI900 DI950

Products affected: DI900™ and DI950™
Follow these steps to adjust the length and width Guide Bars in the High Capacity Sheet Feeder (HCSF):
  1. Ensure trays in the HCSF are enabled and loaded before performing this adjustment:
    1. From the home screen, select Loading Instructions
    2. Select Pre-Run Adjustment
    3. Select HCSF Guide Settings
    4. Press Trial Piece. When a sheet sits on HCSF transport deck, press Stop.
  2. Open the front cover of the enabled HCSF
  3. Set the length guide:
    1. Release the length adjuster lock (left-hand knob on the side of the sheet transport), and then pull it straight out
    2. Turn the knob to position the length guide bar at the trailing end of the sheet
    3. Engage the length adjuster lock
  4. Use the right-hand knob on the side of the sheet transport to move the width guides until they make contact with the sides of the sheet
  5. Press Clear Deck to remove any material in the paper paths
  6. Repeat length and width guide adjustments until the sheet aligns properly
  7. Repeat entire procedure for each additional HCSF on the system
UPDATED:  August 30, 2017