Merge/Purge Plus- Can a File Code (using FLCnnn or other parameter) be indicated to be passed onto the output mail file, and not used in any de-duping?

Merge-Purge Plus (MPP) has two methods of inputting multiple 'files'.  They can be separate physical input files, or they can be records in a single input file that have different codes in them to make then part of a certain 'file'.  This is selected using the FLCODE (file code) parameter.

Then, the FLCnnn parameter can be used for each 'file' to indicate how records with each certain file code will be used in the MPP job.  
For example, you can select whether a certain file code's records will be used for purge/suppression of records, and/or whether they can be used as a Driver record in determining duplicate records, and/or what the relative Priority of the file's records are as far as selecting which records survive de-duping and are written to the clean/mail output file.
(De-duping is the process of identifying duplicate records, and selecting which records (if any) will survive to the clean/mail output file.)

The question was raised as to whether a file could be passed in, and MPP set up to write all of that file's records out to the clean/mail file, and also not have any of that file's records used for de-duping.

A MPP job can be set so-as to ensure a certain files code's records will survive, by using the FLCnnn and PRIORT and other parameters.  
But there is no option to not have a file's records included in the de-duping process. Any record that is read into MPP will be included in the de-duping process.

UPDATED:  April 18, 2017