How to select specific records via SQL using a wildcard.

Products Affected: Mapinfo Pro™
For example, a client would like to select only the records which fall under the  "Natural Area" category in the following table
User-added image
  1. Open up the table in MapInfo
  2. Go to Query > Select > enter in the following SQL syntax - screenshot below illustrates - the aim of using this SQL wildcard '%' syntax is to select every record which contains the specific attribute 'Natural Area' under the Category Name columnUser-added image
  3. Click OK
  4. Go to File > Save Copy As to save a copy of this new table which only contains the 'Natural Area' component
This selecting via wildcard SQL methodology above could be applied to many other scenarios by substituting the above table and column names to suit other client's data and needs.
UPDATED:  October 24, 2017