Resolving workspace file path issues in MapInfo Pro when the data location has changed

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
When a user opens tables in MapInfo Pro™ and then saves a "workspace", the workspace file saves the path information where the tables were opened from.  If those tables are then moved, deleted or re-named, then MapInfo Pro will have issues trying to open the workspace.

1. Browse to the new location of each the table(s):
When the workspace is opened and a table cannot be found at the original saved location, then MapInfo Pro will present a "File>Open" dialog that allows the user to browse to the new location of the table, if known. When the workspace finally opens, if the user saves the workspace again, the new path locations will be written to the .wor file.

2. Create "search directories" in MapInfo Pro Options:
Users can can define a search directory in MapInfo Pro (Pro > Options >  Directories). When a Search Directory is created and a workspace is opened and a table is not found at the stored location, then MapInfo Pro will search the "search directories" for the missing table. After the workspace opens completely, MapInfo Pro will return a report.  If a user then saves the workspace,  the new file paths will be written to the .wor file.

Search Directories for Tables
Specifies the directories MapInfo Pro is to search to find tables without fully qualified paths referenced in workspaces or MapBasic programs. Subdirectories of any search path listed are also searched. You can have up to four entries in the list. A more general path requires a longer search time. Click Modify, Add or Remove to edit the list of paths.

Add, Remove, or Modify
Click to edit the list of paths.

3. Edit the workspace .wor file in a text editor
Users can also edit the workspace file in a text editor such as Notepad, etc. . The correct Path location to where the tables currently reside can be manually edited in the .wor file.
4. Workspace Resolver Tool
The Workspace Resolver Tool can be used to update workspaces where the paths to the data have changed.
This can be used interactively or automatically.
If using the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro, then use a copy of the WorkspaceResolver.MBX from a 32-bit installation of MapInfo Pro. 
If needed, users can download and install an EVAL version of 32-bit MapInfo Pro to obtain the Workspace Resolver tool.
More details can be found in the About Workspace Resolver section of the Workspace Resolver tool.
UPDATED:  August 22, 2019