Finding the Sample and Introductory data that ships with MapInfo Pro

Products Affected:  MapInfo Professional
Users who purchase MapInfo Pro have access to Sample and Introductory Data available for use in MapInfo Pro. These tables includes things like US Counties, US States, Zip Codes (regions and points), etc. as well as sample versions of StreetPro and more. They are helpful for users wishing to add meaningful "context" to their own custom data.

Although the data is not compressed, there is an installer that will install the data to the desired location.

If MapInfo Pro is delivered on DVD, then the Data referenced above can be installed from that DVD as a separate installation from MapInfo Pro. If user's are emailed download links for use in our eStore, then typically, there are 2 MapInfo Pro download links available - one download link is just for the download and install of MapInfo Pro only, while a 2nd download link is for a download of both Pro AND the Data referenced above.

If you no longer have that email, this link will download the latest version of Pro and all the sample data.

Users who download the EVAL version of MapInfo Pro from our website ( have access to a limited Sample Data set as well.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019