Can the Portrait Foundation Log Viewer tool be installed on its own?

Product Feature: Tools / utilities
There is no specific 'standalone Log Viewer' option in the Portrait Foundation installer, so there is no option to install just the Log Viewer on its own.
However, the Log Viewer can be run without the Configuration Suite or other tooling being installed, but it is a manual process to set this up.
To install the Log Viewer onto a machine that has NO existing Portrait Foundation components on it, you need to copy the Log Viewer executable (LogViewerU.exe) and all of its dependencies into a folder on the target machine. These dependencies can be found on an existing Portrait Foundation installation. They are:
  • PortraitLibU.dll
  • DebugTools.dll
  • DbgHelp.dll
  • ShDocVw.dll
  • LogLibU.dll  *
  • LogListControlU.dll  *
* = The last two of these dependencies are COM components and as such, they need to be registered on the target machine. To do this, open an administrative command prompt and navigate to the above folder where the files have been copied. Run the following commands:

  %windir%\system32\regsvr32.exe LogLibU.dll
  %windir%\system32\regsvr32.exe LogListControlU.dll

after each command, click OK on the confirmation message box.
Please note: Do not perform this registration step if any Portrait Foundation installation has already been run on this machine.

When you launch the Log Viewer executable, it is important to pass it a Portrait system name.
You can do this either from the command prompt by typing:
   LogViewerU.exe /System:MyPortrait

or from the Start menu by running:
   "<LogViewer_folder>\LogViewerU.exe" /System:MyPortrait

The value of the Portrait system name ("MyPortrait" in the above examples) doesn't matter, but you must supply a name - preceded by the /System: text.

You cannot simply double-click the executable within the folder, as this will not supply a system name and the Viewer will crash when you try to open a log file.
Please bear in mind that this is not an officially supported configuration, but it should work for those who only want the Portrait Log Viewer installed.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017