How to display Excel content dynamically in MapInfo Professional

Product Feature: Data Creation/Import/Open

The best way to reach this target is to have a native MapInfo table (TAB) with the objects (geometries) and join the opened Excel sheet using a unique identifier. Precondition for this is that the objects do not change.

The steps in detail:

Create a Join
1. Open the native TAB and Excel sheet in MapInfo Professional
2. Join both tables using Query > SQL Select 
3. The table with the objects should be the first table added to the query
4. Define the where condition (Table1.UniqueIdentifier = Table2.UniqueIdentifier)
5. Name the query (It is recommended to use an abbreviation that indicates that this is a query. For example Qry_Tablejoin)  

Create a thematic on this query
6. You can use this Join as a table and create a thematic map in its columns.

If you now close off the workspace and edit the Excel sheet content in the background, for example change some values in the table where the table thematic is building ranges from, the feature colour or type on the map always reflects the values in the Excel sheet as soon as the workspace is reloaded in MapInfo Professional. 
UPDATED:  September 7, 2017