Questions on using mirror imaging software to replicate libraries from 1 IBMi system to a backup system

Product Affected: List Products and MailStream Plus™
Operating System: iSeries

Question from an IBMi software user:
We are installing high availability software and I need to know if your Application libraries can be replicated?

The company does not do any testing with mirror imaging software programs. But in theory they should work.

For example, if your product and jobs are in these locations. We will use MailStream Plus™ as an example:
  • MailStream Plus is installed into the libraries: g1@@pgms and g1mspgms
  • MailStream Plus USPS Ref files are installed into the library: msdbfiles
  • The work library for the jobs is:  msjobs
  • And the input file is in the library: msinput.

If you copy all of these libraries to a mirror image system that has the same operating system and all of these same library names, it may work.

If all of the parts are there and the permissions are the same the job should run.

But you will have to test to make sure there are no hiccups that will cause problems. And any changes could cause differences and unpredictable problems. Software Support will not be able to support the mirror imaging software products if they cause problems.  

Software Support still recommends software to be installed and not copied from 1 system to another.

UPDATED:  May 5, 2020