How to use the "Combine objects using column" function in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro ™
Users may wish to combine smaller region objects into larger region objects, based on a field in a table.
The function "combine objects using column" can achieve this result:

Here is a mappable table of the Counties of NY, that also has a region column holding the names of 3 different regions:
User-added image

From the Spatial Group, choose Combine > Combine Objects Using Column
and select the table and the field to "Group by", i.e the Region field.
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take the default and click Create
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at the New Table Structure dialog, take the default and click Next:
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Choose a table name and location where to save:

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Click OK at the Data Aggregation dialog in this example:

User-added image

Here is the completed table with an Individual thematic applied to display the new region objects:

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Starting with v. 9.5.1 of MapInfo Pro, the object processing algorithms were changed.  Engineering has provided a way to revert to the old object processing for specific cases at customer's requests.

Some problems can exist when combining objects or buffering using these new object processing algorithms starting with version 9.5.1 MapInfo Pro or higher.

Examples of situations where reverting to the old algorithms can help:
- combining objects reverses the original line direction in the resulting combined object.
- After using check-regions to make sure no self-intersections are present, self-intersections can be produced in the resulting combined objects

MapInfo Pro can be set to revert back to the old object processing algorithms by typing the following command(s) in the MapBasic window:
Typing the following MapBasic commands in the MapBasic window will do the following:

                 Set Combine version 950  - provides old object processing behavior
                 Set Buffer version 950  - provides old object processing behavior

                 Set Combine version 951 - provides NEW object processing behavior (this behavior is on by default)
                 Set Buffer version 951  - provides NEW object processing behavior (this behavior is on by default)

These commands can be used to toggle back and forth as needed.

To open the MapBasic Window go to:
32bit - options>show MapBasic Window
64bit - On the Home tab, in the Window section, click the arrows to either toggle up and down until MapBasic is selectable or click the bottom arrow to display all items.

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019