Understanding the 3rd-party add-on GeoTracker by Blue Marble Geographics for use in MapInfo Pro 32-bit

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
This utility no longer ships with MapInfo Pro 64-bit and will not run on those versions and only runs on 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro..
Information on installation, setup, connecting to a GPS device, etc., as well as instructions on running the utility, is available from the on-line Help for GeoTracker within MapInfo Pro 32-bit.

For more information and support for this utility, please contact Blue Marble directly.
Users of MapInfo Pro 32-bit can download the Blue Marble Geographic Tracker here

the following is from Blue Marble Geographics, the developers of the GeoTrack.mbx for use in MapInfo Pro:

This special edition of the Geographic Tracker includes a MapBasic Application (GeoTrack.MBX) that allows users to perform "GPS Tracking" by showing a real-time GPS derived position directly on top of a map background within MapInfo Pro.
Users can also collect the attribute field data directly into their MapInfo tables in real-time, an exciting concept called "GPS GeoCoding".

Users can immediately work with MapInfo and their supported  GPS receiver. The Geographic Tracker also includes a powerful GPS simulation feature for users just beginning their exploration and would like to utilize GPS. Also included is a MapInfo utility (MakeGPS.MBX) that allows users to create GPS simulation files for their local area.



Contacting Blue Marble Geographics

If users need additional help with the Geographic Tracker or if users are interested in additional features, supported GPS devices, NMEA sentences and protocols, etc., as well as the support of other GPS  message formats, and information on other Blue Marble products, please see the Blue Marble Geographics contact page:


UPDATED:  December 2, 2019