Using the Erase Outside function in MapInfo Pro

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What is the purpose of Erase Outside?

Erase Outside is an editing command that removes a portion of a map object using the currently selected object as the eraser. The portion of the target object that is not overlapped by the erasing object is removed.

When is Erase Outside active?

Erase Outside is active when the following conditions exist:

  • A layer is editable.
  • An object(s) in that editable layer is set as the Target.
  • An object that acts as the "eraser" is selected.
  • The Map window containing the object is active.

How do I access Erase Outside?

To perform the Erase Outside function:

  1. Make the table to be edited editable by highlighting the "Editable" icon in Layer Control or Explorer.
  2. Select the object(s) to be erased from that editable table and go to Spatial>Set Target.
  3. Select the object (from a different table) that will be used to erase everything outside of the "Target" object.
  4. Choose Objects > Erase > Erase Outside Target.

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019