Geocoding with MapInfo Pro against Spectrum OnDemand

Products Affected:  Spectrum, Spectrum On-demand, MapInfo Pro

How to Geocode using MapInfo Pro and Spectrum OnDemand

1. Start up MapInfo Professional and open a sample address table. The address table will need to have Read/Write access and consist of the following fields:

Address, City, State, Zipcode, Georesult, Long, Lat
Address_Out, City_out, State_out, Zipcode_out, 

2. Click on Table > Geocode Using Server...

User-added image

3. Make sure the Geocoding Server credentials are correct.
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If not, please check for the Spectrum OnDemand welcome letter. 
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4. Select your Geocoding Server table from the drop down list. 

5. Select the geocoding options preferences user specific preferred and click next.

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Spectrum on Demand Geocoding Server link is the following:

6. Use the current table structure of the sample address table when creating a new table..

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7. Make sure that the geocoding properties are correct before geocoding, following the example below.

Input Tab:

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Output Tab:

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8. Wait for Spectrum on Demand to Geocode from server.

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9.Now view the newly geocoded records to confirm correct location, etc.
UPDATED:  December 2, 2019