Understanding the differences between MapInfo Runtime and MapInfo Pro

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What are Runtimes?
Runtimes are a special license of MapInfo Pro® that are used principally by our partner community. A runtime is an instance of MapInfo Pro that is used in a custom application. The runtime itself ships without any user interface and a MapBasicl® application must be written in order to make it usable. Runtimes are priced lower than full seats of MapInfo Pro. Partners that wish to develop and sell an application that uses Runtimes must sign a special addendum to their partner agreement.

For the most part it is expected that Runtimes will be used by MapInfo Partners that have highly developed skills with MapBasic. Our other developer tools such as MapXtreme .NET and Spectrum Spatial may be more suitable for those who do not possess MapBasic skills.

Note that MapInfo Pro Runtimes do require software activation. For large applications an OEM license type that does not require activation can be supplied.

Do Runtimes include ODBC and Oracle connectivity?
Yes. As with MapInfo Pro, a Runtime application can access data from an Oracle database or from ODBC compliant databases.

Do Runtimes include the Open Universal Data option?
Yes. But to be clear these are the capabilities found specifically in the "Open Universal Data" menu command in MI Pro. The Universal Translator (the FME Quick Translator is not included).

Do Runtimes include access to Microsoft Bing maps?
Yes. Bing maps can be displayed in Runtime applications. The same rules on expiration and maintaining the license apply as with MapInfo Pro. The Premium Services option can also be provided and pricing for this can be found on the standard EMEA price lists.

Are any capabilities from MapInfo Pro not included in Runtimes?
Yes. Some examples are below.
  • Runtime licenses do not include the MapInfo Universal translator. However, the Open Universal data capabilities (introduced in version 9.0) of MapInfo Pro are available in Runtime applications.
  • Runtime licenses do not include the MapCAD editing tools (these are integrated from a third party).
  • Runtime licenses do not include Crystal Reports.
  • Runtime licenses do not include the GPS tracker capabilities (this is a separate tool included with MI Pro).
  • Runtime licenses do not include the MapBasic tools (those in the Tool Manager) that ship with MapInfo Pro. However, the source code for many of these tools is included with MapBasic.
  • Runtime licenses do not include the MapInfo PDF printer driver
  • Runtime licenses do not include the CSW Catalog viewer
  • Runtimes basically include the native capabilities of MapInfo Pro that are exposed in the MapBasic language.
MapInfo Pro Runtime Documentation
Documentation can be found on the MapInfo Runtime CD. It includes information about installation and activation of runtimes. To develop an application on a MapInfo runtime will require an understanding of MapBasic. MapBasic documentation is provided with the MapBasic download.

see attachments for ver 15.0 and 16.0 RUNTIME Release Notes
UPDATED:  June 14, 2018