How to avoid misusing 'Companies' and 'Firm Names' when CASS-certifying addresses (with or without SuiteLink) in List Conversion, CODE-1 Plus and other products

The question was asked-
When using a Data Quality products such as List Conversion, or Merge/Purge Plus, etc, and it identifies a record as being for a company, is that the 'Firm Name' that you use in CASS-coding applications such as CODE-1 Plus and Finalist?

The simple answer is no.

List Conversion and other similar Data Quality product's purpose in identifying records as being for a company instead of for a person is strictly for processing purposes.  
'Company' records may be handled differently than personal records, for identifying duplicate records for example. Or perhaps the job is set up to reject them, or maybe to re-format the company names, or so the application can take some other action for which the job is setup to be different for company records vs people records.
To achieve that identification, the Data Quality applications have a list of words that, if found in the name field, indicate the record is for a company.

That is not at all the purpose of the USPS Firm Name field used in CASS-coding applications.  Those applications  use it so they can make sure you have the correct Suite/Unit number assigned, or to assign a missing Suite/Unit number.
For example, if you give an address just as '123 main st', but there are multiple units in it, then CASS products may use the Firm Name supplied in the record to be able to (hopefully) match it to a Firm Name in the USPS's Database so the correct suite number can be determined.

The 'company name' the Data Quality products identify in a record *may* be the same official firm name the USPS has in their databases, but there is no guarantee.
UPDATED:  August 7, 2017