Verimove recommendations for downloading the Daily Delete file on the z/OS platform

Products Affected:  Verimove
Operating System: z/OS
When running the daily delete download, make certain that there are no Verimove jobs running that use the daily delete file.  Note: the uploadserver.exe in Windows can be used in conjunction with the UPLOAD JCL on the mainframe to update the daily delete file.
JCL can be created to define a temporary or interim file to FTP the downloaded NCOA daily delete file on the Windows system to the z/OS system. There are no special requirements other than to use the “.ebc” version of the daily delete file which is sorted for ebcdic machines by the USPS. 

Attached is a sample JCL (Sample_GETDLYDL.JCL) that is used to load the daily delete file that FTP directly from a Windows drive instead of 
 using the UPLOAD server.

NOTE:   There are various ways to FTP files from a Windows system to the z/OS system, the attached JCL can be used to build upon based on company's requirements/needs.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2019