Editing the style of map or text objects in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Here are the steps to editing and saving the style of map or text objects in MapInfo Pro:
1.  The layer must be set to editable in the Layer Control or Explorer Window.

2.  One or more objects must be selected or highlighted
3.  Style Override should be off and no thematic map must be visible on that layer containing the objects to be edited. 
Note: If a thematic map is displayed in Layer Control or Explorer Window above the editable layer, uncheck the visibility icon for the thematic layer.

In the Layer Control dialog or Explorer Window, either double-click on the layer name containing the objects being edited. 
Right-click on the desired layer in Layer control and choose "Layer Properties".
Then uncheck the Style Override button in the upper left of the dialog.

Once the layer is editable and the objects to be changed are selected, go to 
Spatial > Create > Style and then select the appropriate object-specific style button
such as Region Style, Symbol Style, etc. and apply the desired style edits.

Once the desired changes are made, go to Home > Save > Save Table to save the style edits.

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019