How to determine the Hardware ID for versions of MapInfo Pro 8.5 and older

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™

In order to generate a license.dat (used to activate Software Copy Protected (SCP) versions of MapInfo Pro), user's must provide Client Service or Tech Support with the correct serial Number and Hardware ID from the installation of MapInfo Pro.

The Hardware ID is not displayed until MapInfo Pro is started the first time after installation.
\During this secondary install, the hardware ID will be displayed in the splash screen displayed:


Contact Client Services by phone at  +1 (800) 367-6950 (Option 5), and provide
the Serial Number and the Hardware ID

3) Client Service will use the serial number and hardware ID to generate the license.dat which will be emailed to the user to activate the SCP version of MapInfo Pro, following these instructions:


1. Ensure there are no .lic or.dat files in the MapInfo Pro "Professional" folder.
2. Save the attached file license.dat on your Desktop.
3. Start MapInfo Pro and select the "Install License File" option, and click the right-most button.
4. Browse to and select the license.dat file previously saved on the Desktop.
5. Click "OK" on the dialog boxes that follow..

UPDATED:  August 13, 2019