Is IBMi OS V7R2 compatible with products like MailStream Plus, CODE-1 Plus, and other products

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™, Code-1 Plus™, Merge/Purge Plus, List Conversion Plus, Generalized Selection Plus, EZ Case Plus

Operating System: IBMi (AS400, OS400, iSeries) V7R2


At this time we do not officially support IBMi (AS400, OS400, iSeries) V7R2 for the product versions listed below. While they should work on  V7R2 , they have not been tested.

List Conversion Plus 6.5.0 & Merge Purge Plus 6.6.0 have only been certified on OS V6R1.

List Conversion Plus 6.5.0 was released in 2007.
Merge/Purge Plus 6.6.0 was released in 2007 also.

We can say that we have seen success running the sample job with Merge/Purge Plus and List Conversion Plus on V7R1 with other customers. But it has not had a complete Quality Assurance(QA) testing on it. Usually, the applications will run ok because of backwards compatibility of the O/Ss.

Although not QA'd by PB on V7R1, we are not aware of any major problems from users regarding using List Conversion Plus or Merge/Purge Plus on V7R1.  But we have not done any testing on V7R2 or know of customers having installed on this OS.  So we do not know how it will perform on OS V7R2.

2017-07-06 update. Per our IBMi Specialist, the same applies to V7R3 "Our response at this time is that if it works on 7.1, we know of no reason it won’t work on 7.3, but we haven’t tested it."

These products have been certified on OS V7R2:
CODE-1 Plus™ 4.2.0 and later- this has been certified on OS V7R2.
MailStream Plus™ 8.3.3 and later - this has been certified on OS V7R2.
Mail360 Manager™ 2.4.0 and later has been certified on  OS V7R2.

The above information is current as of May 2019

UPDATED:  May 14, 2019