How to obtain a list of addresses which caused a multiple match condition calling C1MATCHI in CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
When calling C1MATCHx, it is possible to get a list of the addresses which cause CODE-1 Plus to return a multiple match condition (M will be returned for P9OGRC).  

The P9OUT copybook will return up to 10 multiple addresses in the P9OSTACK output area.  Positions 2223-2475 will occur up to 10 times and will contain the street address, City, State, ZIP, ZIP+4, etc., for every address that resulted in a multiple match condition.  It would then be possible to look at the list of addresses and select an address.

This option is not available with the CODE-1 Plus batch driver, C1BM00.
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017