MapMarker: Regeocoding a table does not change data in the output fields

Products affected: MapMarker™
Adding a field for output such as census to hold the census ID value of a previously geocoded table does not populate the output field after geocoding a second time.

If a table has been geocoded once in MapMarker Desktop and a specific address has been successfully matched showing the georesult or displaying an actual map object for the record, no data will populate any new output fields added to the table after it has already been geocoded once unless specific settings are selected.

In order for a record that was previously geocoded to be regeocoded, make sure the radio button labled "All Types" is selected in the upper right of the Geocode tab under the heading of: "Types of rows to geocode".

This will regeocode any record in the table and should produce output to a properly matched output field.
UPDATED:  July 22, 2019