How to obtain information and licensing on ANKLink in conjunction with Verimove processing

The following USPS website provides information on ANKLink:

In Verimove, an ANKlink record returns a 77 code. 
To determine if licensed for ANKLink, check the dvdhdr01.dat file (which is part of the NCOA Database) and it will reflect the following:
Name:             prodflatank                                       FA         
DVD Number:       1 of 2                                                       
Release Date:     20150112         91cc02d2 71a79518 68448d1c 62da90fe e88a1dd4
Release Number:   1168                                                         
Data Date:        20150110                                                     
AMS release Date: 20150104                   
To determine if licensed for the ANKLink Hash File, the dvdhdr01.dat file will reflect the following

Name: "prodHASHank                                     HA" ,
NOTE:  The ANKLink data is as additional cost. 

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017