End of Support Policy for Coding Product Releases

Products Affected:  Finalist, Code-1 Plus, Canadian Code-1 Plus, Verimove

Support policy for coding products is Current version plus One back.  The support for a version that is considered 'One back' will be dropped when a newer version of the product is released.
Refer to the Pitney Bowes Software Support and Maintenance handbook

Current version : Finalist version 9.21 GA, released in Nov 2018
One back version : Finalist version 9.2 GA

When Finalist version 9.3 is released; Finalist version 9.3 becomes the 'current' version and Finalist 9.21 becomes the 'One back' version.  Finalist version 9.2.0 support drops when Finalist version 9.3 becomes available.  This holds true for CODE-1Plus, Canadian CODE1-Plus, and Verimove also.

UPDATED:  January 30, 2020