Generalized Selection Plus, List Conversion Plus,Merge Purge Plus

[Q]What are the latest PB Software versions for General Selection Plus, List Coversion Plus and Merge Purge Plus?
[A]Generalized Selection Plus latest release is 6.4.0
[A]List Conversion Plus latest release is 6.5.0
[A]Merge Purge Plus latest release 6.6.0.

[Q] Will any job files have to be modified when upgrading to the new software?
[A]Some older jobs will have to be adjusted based on either parameter changes or JCL or script changes documented in the release notes for the version.
[Q] Does PB support the installation on Virtual Servers?
[A]PBS does not perform rigorous testing specific to the functionality of virtualized server deployments. Pitney Bowes  support and development teams are familiar with virtualized server environments, which are used throughout our software development and support organizations. PBS products are expected to function properly in virtual environments that simulate native environments for which the products are certified.

UPDATED:  August 31, 2017