Can Merge/Purge Plus, List Conversion Plus, and other similar applications process non-english (foreign) names ‘in-language’?

Products Affected          versions supported
-------------------------  ------------------
Business Merge/Purge        2.7, 2.8
Business Merge/Purge Plus   6.1, 6.2
Consumer Merge/Purge        2.7, 2.8
EZ-Case Plus                6.5, 6.6
Generalized Selection       2.7, 2.8
Generalized Selection Plus  6.3, 6.4
List Conversion             2.7, 2.8
List Conversion Plus        6.4, 6.5
Merge/Purge Plus            6.5, 6.6

All Operating Systems. 
Generally the names without 'Plus' indicate z/OS (MVS) or VSE.  Those with 'Plus' are generally Windows or UNIX/Linux platforms.
It was asked-
"We currently use Merge-Purge Plus (MPP) for our dupe elimination processing.
A client would be sending us name and address information for dupe elimination.  The unusual aspect of their request is that while the mailing address information will be in English, the name information will be in-language, meaning it could be in any Latin or non-Latin based language (French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc.) 
Is MPP able to accommodate non-Latin based languages for name matching?"
The main problem with the names is this.  Many of the non-English letters use double-byte character sets, and MPP and the other similar applications are written in 32-bit which can’t handle this.
Also, the name and gender look-up tables used in some of the applications are written in the English alphabet. 
Also the name parsing logic used in some of the applications is based on a format of surnames coming at the end, where-as in some languages, that is not the case.
We would suggest MPP (or any of the ‘List Products’) are not for this type of processing.
Pitney Bowes Software has a newer application called 'Spectrum Technology Platform' which is equipped to handle the parsing, matching and de-duping needed for these types of names.  This is more of a Spectrum type functionality. 
UPDATED:  May 14, 2019