Portrait Foundation, Portrait Dialogue, Portrait Interaction Optimizer - triage questions

When logging a case with the Software Support, we need as much information as possible to help us investigate your issue. Please provide the following details:

Site details:
  • Customer name / Contact name
  • Customer company / Contact company – if not same as customer e.g. a partner
  • Email address
  • Phone number
Portrait product version details: (whatever applies to the issue)
  • Foundation e.g. 5.0 Update 1
  • Interaction Optimizer e.g. 5.6
  • Dialogue e.g. 6.1
  • HQ e.g. 2.1
Environment details: (whatever applies to the issue)
  • Environment affected (Live, Backup, Testing, Training, Development, etc.)
  • Who is affected (administrators, users, customers, etc.)
  • Operating System details:
    • Windows server e.g. 64Bit 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise
    • Windows client e.g. 64Bit Win 7 Enterprise SP1
  • Database version e.g. SQL Server 2012 Standard Ed.
Problem details:
  • Category (Support issue, Change request, Question, Suggestion, Task)
  • Reason (Crash, Error message, Performance, Data Quality, etc.)
  • Severity level and Impact level
  • Describe the problem as clearly as possible:
    • Steps to reproduce
    • Screen shots and error messages
    • Zip and attach log files (Foundation logs, Dialogue logs, Event logs, etc.)
    • Any additional information or details
  • Actions taken so far:
    • Work-around
UPDATED:  May 6, 2020